New Hope Post Wedding

This past weekend I had the pleasure of shooting Kevin and Tiffany's post wedding shots in New Hope Pennsylvania. The idea to do some fun shots in New Hope was short notice but given all the quick pre-planning and scheduling the day's shoot was very successful. The small town of New Hope was a very refreshing and a super friendly change of environment as literally everyone we passed was honking, waving and expressing congratulations messages with overall happiness. We even had one person photo bomb one shot at the New Hope-Lambertville Bridge at the golden hour of light but good thing we got a proper shot shortly afterwards. For this particular shoot we decided to use more props which enabled the bride and groom to do more artistic and fun poses.

I couldn't have done it without my very handy assistant Jess. Holding the back of the wedding dress, fixing hair, changing in and out of outfits, setting up poses & props and scouting locations where only a few things of out the many that she did that day. She did a wonderful job and it's because of the her that the shoot went so smoothly. You'll be able to catch her in the corner or behind Tiffany's dress in the behind the scenes photos!

For those interested in the locations seen in the photos, we scouted out five main locations:

-New Hope / Lambertville Pedestrian Bridge ( Mid Span )

This location was super packed but luckily the crowd dispersed at the center point of the bridge once they saw Tiffany's dress and all the balloons. Cars driving by here also honked and yelled "CONGRATS!!" along with a small steam boat passing underneath the bridge that tugged its horn, pretty cool that the people were so friendly! 

-Bowman's Hill Wildflower Preserve New Hope PA

After pulling into the main entrance we noticed that there was already another wedding reception happening on the greenery just outside facing the road. We drove deeper in the grounds and discovered an untouched area with a small stone cottage, pond and sitting area. We were completely alone for that hour of shooting except for maybe the occasionally noisy toad watching from the side.

-Van Sandt's Covered Bridge New Hope PA

This was probably the most challenging location being that it was the center of a road. We would pose directly in the center and then have to run back to the side when someone spotting a car coming and yelled "CAR!!!!" You can see Kevin's car parked barely on the side of the road in the behind the scenes so staging any kind of photos there is very tricky.

-Abandoned Train Cab at Lambertville Water Treatment Facility

The inside of the train cab wasn't the best for scenery and lighting as we found out later on but we made it work with a couple shots but it was very hard / kind of dangerous to climb inside.

-New Hope Train Station

Probably the best location within New Hope. The whole train station was completely empty almost a ghost town even as the golden hour of light had blessed us. We moved freely in and out of the cabs and also on top of the tracks ( which normally would be very dangerous ) we even climbed on top of the side decks where conductors would be standing! All the trains being there were almost too photogenic not to explore them. As this was our last location I felt like it was one where we got the best photos.

Behind the Scenes: